How To Draw Santa

how to draw santa

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Santa Claus. Santa is a jolly old man who brings presents to good girls and boys on Christmas Eve. He is usually depicted as being overweight, with a red suit and a white beard. Follow along with the simple steps below to learn how to draw Santa yourself.

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Tools Needed

– Pencil( see my list of the best drawing pencils)

– Eraser

– Drawing Paper

How to draw santa promo

Step 1:

draw a circle

Start by drawing a circle for Santa’s head

Step 2:

draw a beard

Now we will sketch the beard. From the left of the circle, lightly sketch a curved line that slightly curves outward from the bottom.

Step 3:

draw a beard 2

Repeat the same process for the right side of the head.

Step 4:

draw the eyes a nose

Draw two circles in the middle for the eyes and then draw another circle within them and darken them. After that, draw a half circle for the nose.

Step 5:

draw mustache

Starting from the nose, draw two curved “s” shapes from each side of the nose for the mustache.

Step 6:

continue to draw the mustache

Draw 2 short lines at the bottom of those lines to give the mustache more shape. This is the mustache’s shadow

Step 7:

drawing the mouth

Continue the shadow by drawing another shadow in the shape of the nose and mustache we just did.

Step 8:

complete the mustache

Draw two lines on each side below the nose to connect the mustache to the nose area.

Step 9:

draw the hat and beard once more

Now we finish the beard by drawing two opposite lines at the end of each side of the circle we drew, and we draw these lines down to the end of each mustache.

After that, we draw the beginning of the Santa hat in the middle of the circle, which looks like a hotdog.

Step 10:

drawing the hat once again

Now it’s time to draw his hat. starting from the left end of the hotdog shape, draw a curved line going to the top. When about the center of the picture, draw another curved line going down. On the right side, just draw a curved line starting from the circle.

Step 11:

drawing the end of the hat

Now draw a circle at the end of the hat.

Step 12:

erasing all of the guidelines

Erase all visible guidelines obstructing the face and hat.

Step 13:

final santa image

Now you’re done! You can now color in Santa to make him look more real.

There you have it! You now know how to draw a cartoon Santa Claus. Have fun and show off your masterpiece to your family and friends! Happy drawing!

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