How To Draw Jasmine

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw the face of Jasmine from Aladdin. Jasmine is a beautiful character with a strong and regal presence. We will show you how to capture her likeness by following these simple steps.

Step 1:

Begin by sketching out a circle.

Step 2:

Starting from the left side of the circle, draw the face. Remember to make the lines light so that they can be erased later.

Step 3:

Draw guidelines for the center of the face and eyes. What this does is it guides us on where we want to place the eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 4:

Draw the eyes. Remember, the eyes are one eye apart from each other. If you stay within the guidelines they get easier to draw.

Step 5:

After the eyes are done, time to draw the eyeballs. Start with a small circle inside the eye and then draw the pupil.

Step 6:

We now draw the eyelashes next. Make them thick and long at the end.

Step 7:

Draw the eyelids next. Just two bent lines lining up with each eye on top.

Step 8:

The eyebrows should be drawn next. They should be thick and have a natural arch to them.

Step 9:

Make a circle for the nose, about half way down the face. Don’t draw it too big as she’ll look like a smurf.

Step 10:

Now, starting from each eyebrow, draw lines for the bridge of the nose. Generally, you don’t want to draw them fully, leave a gap at the end of them so they don’t connect with the nostrils fully.

Step 11:

Draw a line for the lips. Make sure it’s curved a little bit upward as if she’s smiling subtly.

Step 12:

Draw the lips. Start from the middle where the lips arch, and work your way to the end of the lips on each side. For the bottom of the lips, just draw it from left to right.

Step 13:

Erase the guidelines. We’ve drawn the face. Now it’s time to move on to the hair.

Step 14:

Draw two lines on opposite sides of the face. These will be part of the hair where the ear rings will be.

Step 15:

Draw the bangs now.

Step 16:

Now we draw the main portion of the hair.

Step 17:

Erase part of the head that’s hiding within the hair.

Step 18:

Draw the jewel on top of the head.

Step 19:

Erase the lines obstructing the jewel and draw another curving line at the bottom of the jewel. The jewel now sits on top of the headband.

Step 20:

Draw the ear rings on each side.

Step 21:

This step is optional. We finish the tutorial by drawing the neck area and collarbone. We added the necklace as well.

That’s it! You have now drawn Jasmine from Aladdin.

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