How To Draw Cammy From Street Fighter

In this tutorial we will learn how to draw Cammy from Street Fighter. Cammy is a popular character from the Street Fighter video game series. She is known for her powerful moves and her signature spin kick! Drawing Cammy can be a fun way to show your appreciation for the Street Fighter franchise. Here’s how to do it:

Cammy White promo. How To Draw Cammy.

Step 1:

How to draw the head

Start by drawing a circle. Draw it lightly so you can erase it later. Once that’s done, start drawing the contours of the face. When you get down to the chin area there’s a little bit of a “hook” towards the left end of the chin.

Once you’ve drawn that just draw a semi-straight line for the jaw area on the right side and draw the next line attaching it to the circle.

Step 2:

Drawing the head and shoulder.

Now draw 2 lines for the neck and draw a big circle for the shoulder on the right side.

Step 3:

Drawing the chest.

Draw 2 big sketchy lines from that circle you drew for the shoulder. This will be her torso.

Step 4:

Drawing the arm.

Using the circle as a reference, begin drawing her upper arm.

Step 5:

Drawing the hand.

This step is optional. I thought It would be cool to add her right hand. Again, totally optional. This sketch might even look cooler without it.

Step 6:

Drawing her breasts.

Now draw two ovals for the breast and make them sort of pointy towards the middle.

Step 7:

Clean up lineart

Erase all the sketchy lines and clean up the sketch.

Step 8:

Start drawing her face.

For the face, first, start by drawing two lines across the face for the placement of the eyes and a line going down the middle of the face for the placement of the nose and mouth.

Step 9:

Draw her eyes.

Draw the upper eyes. Think of it like the first 3 lines of a pentagon as you begin to draw it.

Step 10:

Draw her eyeballs.

Now we draw the eyeballs in both eyes.

Step 11:

Draw her eyebrows.

Now draw the eyelids and the eyebrows.

Step 12:

Draw her nose.

Draw the nose. I used 3 liens for the nose, one for the bridge, one for the tip and one for the nostril area, and another line for the nostril area on the right.

Step 13:

Draw her mouth.

For the mouth, draw two dots on each side of where you want the mouth to be and then sketch the lines for the mouth. Remember the “dip” at the middle of the mouth.

Step 14:

Draw her bangs.

Now draw the two bangs for her hair. The one on the left is longer and thicker than the one on the right.

Step 15:

Draw more of her hair.

Draw a rough sketch of the rest of her hair and her ear. The ear is a little bit below the eye area.

Step 16:

Erase part of the head that's behind hair.

Clean up the head area of excess sketchy lines.

Step 17:

Detail the ears.

Put in detail for the inner ear.

Step 18:

Draw her pony tail.

Draw her ponytail and make it long.

Step 19:

Detail more of her hair.

Add more detail to her hair. I added lines across her hair.

Step 20:

Add her scar.

Erase the guidelines for the face and add a scar on the right side of her face.

Step 21:

Add her hat

Add her hat on top of her head. Keep in mind the curvature of the head.

Step 22:

Add shoulder pad, tie, and turtle neck.

Next, draw her turtle neck and her right shoulder pad for her clothes, and then draw her tie that’s to the left of the turtle neck.

Step 23:

Add more shoulder pad

Now draw more of her shoulder pad that’s overlapping the shoulder. After that, draw her brace around her arm.

Step 24:

Add her arm brace and gloves.

Erase the sketchy lines once more. I also added her glove to the right hand.

Step 25:

Detail more of her clothes

Now draw lines coming from the top of her clothes to the bottom. Remember to think in 3D, meaning the lines aren’t going to be straight. For example, for the breast area, make the lines curve a little bit and then straight as you make your way down.

Step 26:

Ink the drawing

Once that’s all done, start darkening the sketch a little more and then you’re done! You have successfully drawn Cammy from Street Fighter! Congratulations! With a bit of practice and patience, you can draw her with more detail and precision. Have fun!


Drawing Cammy from Street Fighter can be challenging but with a bit of practice and patience, you can achieve great results. Have fun practicing and don’t be afraid to experiment! Good luck!

I hope this tutorial was helpful and you learned something new. Have fun! Thanks for reading.

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