How To Draw An Iop

A character I like drawing are Iops. An Iop is a species in the game DOFUS. They have big muscles, and a really cool hairstyle.

In this tutorial, we’ll be learning how to draw an Iop. We’ll start with the head, then move on to the body. After that, we’ll add some details to make our Iop look more like the ones in the game.

Step 1

Start by drawing a big circle for the head. It doesn’t have to be perfect as Iops are quite imperfect themselves.

Step 2

Draw a centerline down the middle of the head. This will be our guide on the direction in which the head is facing.

Step 3

We then flesh out the face. Remember to draw lightly as these lines will be refined further.

Step 4

Draw the neck. For this style, the neck is quite thin. Since the torso will be leaning forward, we draw the neck going in the same direction the torso will be going.

Step 5

Let’s now draw the shoulders. For this, I started drawing a center line for the direction of the shoulders, and then I drew two circles as guides to where I wanted the shoulders to be.

Step 6

Draw a centerline down the middle. This will be the guideline for the torso. If you read my tutorial on how to draw an anime character, then you know that anime character’s anatomy is exaggerated.

For this character, from head to crotch, it’s about two and a half heads down starting from the chin.

Step 7

Draw the torso. I drew the torso thin. As the character isn’t muscular.

Step 8

Now it’s time for the hips. The hips are pretty big as the style generally has big hips for the characters.

Step 9

We then draw the crotch and legs. The legs are also thundered thighs as well. Just like Chun Li 🙂

Step 10

Time for the arms. Upper arm’s length generally goes down mid-way torso wise. And lower arms with hands go down towards the crotch.

Step 11

Draw a centerline across the head where the eyes will go. This will make sure the eyes are even and not wobbled.

Step 12

Draw the eyes and erase the guidelines after.

Step 13

We then add the eyeballs. The character has so much personality already! 😀

Step 14

Now draw the nose and mouth. I know she looks kind of sad here, but it’ll get better!

Step 15

We erase the guidelines and now draw the eyebrows. There’s no general rule on where to place them. For a sad look, you could place them lower. Or a surprising look you can draw them high.

Step 16

Now let’s focus on the hands again. Draw a rough guide for the hands. These will be guides for the knuckles, and the back of the palms.

Step 17

Draw circles for the knuckles.

Step 18

Now draw the fingers themselves. First I drew the beginning of the fingers, then the circles for the joints, and then finished the fingers. That’s how I generally draw them at least.

Step 19

Draw the breasts. Since she has her arm across her chest the breasts are going to be raised.

Step 20

Now we draw the hair, ear, and naval area. For the hair, I drew a rough sketch of what regular Iop hair looks like. It will be refined later. I also drew the navel area.

Step 21

Now we add the clothes and then the hair ornaments at the end of the bangs. With the clothes, Iops have a sort of crusader look to the clothes. Remember to think in 3D for the clothing area where the breasts are.

It’s not going to be a straight line as the breasts give the clothing curvature in that area.

Step 22

We then erase more guidelines and tidy up the sketch. Now it’s starting to come out nicely.

Step 23

We refine the sketch even more. This gives us a general direction of what needs to be polished even more. Generally, at this stage, I’ll flip the sketch horizontally towards a light source and see if it looks iffy to me.

So how do you flip the sketch horizontally? You take the sketch and flip it back towards the light source. With the sketch side facing the light while you look at the back side of the sketch.

Step 24

We cleaned up the lines and add a little bit of varied thickness to them. This makes the sketch look a lot better and more professional look.

Step 25

This step is optional, but I decided to add color to the areas that are red according to the character. Now the sketch is done.

Now all that’s left is inking it. You could use a technical pen to ink it, but generally, I just upload the sketch to my computer and use a tablet to ink it. It’s better and you can erase your mistakes.


There you have it! That’s how you draw an Iop from Dofus. I hope this helps! Remember, practice makes perfect!  So keep at it!

This concludes the tutorial on how to draw an Iop from Dofus. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! 😀

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