How To Draw An Elf

how to draw an elf

Drawing an elf is a great way to pass the time. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this guide will help you get started. The elf we will be drawing is actually a character by Xavier Houssin.

Tools Needed:

  • 2B Pencil or Drawing Tablet
  • Eraser
  • Paper

Step 1:

Start by drawing a plain circle.

Step 2:

Starting from the left side of the circle, draw a thin line down to the cheeks. As you begin to draw the cheeks, curve the line to the right just a little bit and when you get to the chin you’re going to draw an indent for the chin.

Once that’s done just continue drawing the other side of the face with a nearly straight line and then connect it to the circle.

Step 3:

Draw two lines from the bottom of the head for the neck. At the end of the neck draw a circle for the shoulder.

Step 4:

Starting from the left end of the circle you drew for the shoulder, draw the torso. Length-wise, it’s about one head in length from the shoulder to the end of the torso.

Step 5:

For the lower torso, Start by lightly sketching the abdomen first and then sketch the back and connect both of them.

Step 6:

For her buttocks, sketch it nearly round.

Step 7:

For her thighs, make the big in width. It all comes down to preference, but you could make them skinnier as well.

Step 8:

Let’s add the lower legs. First, draw the knees and then curve your sketching on the way down to create the calves. link the lines together at the bottom and this will mark the end of the legs. In the next step, we will draw the feet.

Step 9:

This step is optional as most of their feet will be covered by her long hair. But if you want to perfect your skills as an artist, drawing things that the viewer won’t see is essential to learning.

For the toes, I like to use a “step” pattern. I find that it’s easy to draw the toes this way. If you keep practicing you’ll get better at it. I’ll release another tutorial about feet in the future. But for now, the step pattern is easy to learn.

Step 10:

Let’s add the arm next. Start by drawing the arm from the circle you drew earlier. When you reach the abdomen area, just connect it to the other side of the arm. She will be bending this arm so we don’t have to draw the entire arm.

Step 11:

Now we will draw the hand. First, draw an uneven pentagon and draw the circles for the knuckles.

Step 12:

Now we add the fingers to the pentagon we drew. Take note of the circles for the knuckles we drew earlier as that’s where the fingers will be at.

Step 13:

Draw her collarbone starting from the neck. Once that’s done, draw two ovals for the breasts.

Step 14:

Let’s draw the face. To start, draw a line vertically that goes down the middle of the face. Then, draw two lines horizontally that will mark where the eyes will go.

Step 15:

Draw two ovals for the eyes. It’s good to start with a rough idea of where we want the eyes.

Step 16:

Now sketch in the eyelashes.

Step 17:

In this step, we draw the eyeballs and pupils. Just two circles looking at the viewer.

Step 18:

Draw the nose and the mouth.

Step 19:

Now erase the guidelines.

Step 20:

Time to draw the ears! Draw them big as she has big elf ears.

Step 21:

Let’s draw the hair now. The hair is very curly at the end of the sides. For the right side, make the hair rest on her shoulder.

Step 22:

Erase all the guidelines for the head.

Step 23:

Now we draw her wooden hairband. Just two curly twigs coming out to the right side from the back of the head.

Step 24:

Let’s add her GINORMOUS hair! There are no guidelines for this, just use creativity and draw it the best you can. At the end of the long hair, there are two curls. The curl on the right is blocking her feet. So in the next step, you will have to erase the feet.

Step 25:

In this step, we will erase the feet that are hidden behind the hair. We also drew in her bikini as well and erased the guideline for the torso.

Step 26:

In the final step, let’s erase the guidelines for the shoulder, hand, thighs, and ankles. Now she’s done!


There you have it! That’s how you draw a fantasy elf girl. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please share it with your friends if you did.

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