Ultimate Guide: How to Draw A Fish Like a Pro In July 2023

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw a fish like a pro? Well, look no further! This blog post will teach you everything you need to know. In just a few simple steps, you’ll learn how to draw a tropical fish that looks like it’s swimming in the water. So get your pencils and paper ready, and let’s get started!

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Drawing Supplies Needed

You can use paper and a pencil.

Check out the following link for some drawing pencils that will help your creativity flow.

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Draw A Fish Step-By-Step

Here are the steps on how to draw a fish:

Step 1: Draw the top of the fish

Drawing the top of the fish.

Start by drawing a curved line. If you want to add depth to the sketch, you could vary the line weight from lightly pressing your pencil to pressing hard towards the end of the line. Using a drawing tablet is best for this as it gives you varying degrees of pressure. If you’re interested in tablets, I made a list for the best cheap tablets.

Step 2: Draw the mouth of the fish

Draw the mouth of the fish.

From one end of the curved line we drew, draw another line at the left end to make the mouth.

Step 3: Draw the bottom of the fish

Now draw the bottom of the fish.

Draw another curved line for the bottom of the fish.

Step 4: Draw beginning of caudal fin

Draw the beginning of the caudal fin.

Now make a curved line at the top for the beginning of the caudal fin

Step 5: Draw bottom of caudal fin

Draw the bottom of the caudal fin.

Draw a curved line at the bottom end of the fish body for the bottom portion of the caudal fin.

Step 6: Draw the Caudal fin tail

Now draw the wavy tail.

Now draw a wavy line connecting both sides of the fin. Now our fish has a tail.

Step 7: Draw the Dorsal fin

Draw the dorsal fin.

Draw a curved line at the top of the fish for the dorsal fin.

Step 8: Draw the anal fin

Draw the anal fin.

Now we will draw a curved line at the bottom of the fish for the anal fin.

Step 9: Draw the pectoral fin

Now draw the pectoral fin.

Add a pectoral fin to complete the rest of the body. The shape is like a triangle. That’s all the fins we will draw for this simple fish.

Step 10: Draw the eyes

Draw a circle for the eye.

Now draw a big circle for the eyes.

Step 11: Draw the eyeball

darken the circle for the eyeball.

Now darken the middle of the eye for the eyeball. Leave space for the outline of the eye.

Step 12: Add detail to the fins

Add details to the fins.

Now we add the details within the fish’s fins. Make sure the lines aren’t straight!

Step 13: Add a highlight on the eyeball

Now add a highlight on the fish's eyeball.

Add highlights to the fish’s eye!

Step 14: Add shadow to the fish

Add shadows to the fish.

Now we will add some shadow to the fish to give it more life. Add shadow at the bottom of the body, and in between the detailed lines you drew within the fins.

Also, add a shadow behind the eye where the gills would be at.


Hopefully, this drawing tutorial was fun and helpful! If you followed the steps correctly, you should have a detailed and realistic illustration of a fish. Now it’s time for you to practice more and draw your unique fish. So start drawing today!

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