How to Draw a Deer in 17 Easy Steps in July 2023

How to draw a deer in easy steps

Do you want to learn how to draw a deer? It’s easier than you might think! In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps of drawing a beautiful deer. With a few simple techniques, you can create an amazing piece of art that will amaze your friends and family. Let’s get started!

Tools used

These are the tools I used to draw a deer:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils or pens (optional)

You could also use graphite pencils for a better stroke and a more sketchy appearance.

How To Draw A Deer: Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

Before we start, The deer we will be drawing will be a male deer with antlers. We will start with basic shapes for the deer’s head and the deer’s body.

Step 1: Draw a circle

The initial step is to use a basic shape to map out the deer’s head – start by sketching a circle for its face. Once you have completed this step, you can move on with the rest of the deer drawing tutorial.

Step 2: Draw the torso

The second step in drawing a deer is to draw an elongated oval to represent the deer’s torso. When doing this you should use thin lines, as deer anatomy is very intricate and can take some time to get right!

Concentrate on how your lines meet around the deer’s belly – this will help give your deer a fuller look when your sketch is complete. It pays off to take time with this detailed step.

Step 3: Draw the face

Starting from the left side of the circle, draw a line straight down. As you get to the bottom, curve the line to the left for the nose bridge. After that, curve the line to the right for the nose. Now, draw a line to the right and curve the line towards the end where you meet the circle. Now we should have an outline of a deer head.

Step 4: Draw the right ear

Let’s start drawing the ears. Draw a curved line starting from the circle. As you come to an end towards the top, dip the line and make another curved line back to the circle.

Step 5: Draw the left ear

Now, repeat the process on the left side. Start by drawing a curved line starting from the top of the circle. Draw the line towards the left and when you get to the end, stroke your line to the right and make the line curve like you’re drawing an S pattern.

Step 6: Draw the inner ear

Draw the inside of the right ear. Draw a curved line as if you’re drawing an “S”.

Step 7: Clean up the deer’s head

Erase the portion of the circle that’s inside the deer’s head. We won’t be needing it anymore.

Step 8: Draw the eyes

First, start by drawing a curved line at the top and a “U” for the rest of the eyes.

Step 9: Draw the eyeball

Now, draw a circle for the eyeball. Draw some highlights in the eye and then shade it to make it dark, but don’t shade within the highlights.

Step 10: Draw the nose

Now draw a line opposite from the tip of the nose. And then draw an upside-down “U” on the bottom right of that line for the nostril.

Step 11: Draw the neck

Start by drawing a curved line starting from the bottom of the ear and connect that line to the top of the torso. For the neck that’s on the bottom, start drawing a line from the bottom of the deer’s head and connect that to the torso.

Step 12: Draw the front legs

Now, let’s draw the front legs. Draw a curved line from the torso and then continue with your line until you are about 2 and a half heads down. And then draw another line immediately pointing up and then mirror the other side of that same leg until you reach the torso. For the other leg, draw a straight line down, and then sketch another line to the right, and then a curved line back up to the torso.

Step 13: Draw the back legs

Draw a curved line starting from the torso and draw that down to about the same length as the front legs. Angle another line at the bottom to mark the hoove. And then continue drawing back making an “L” shape as you connect the leg back to the torso.

For the right leg, Start drawing a curved line as if you’re drawing an “S”, but instead of curving the line on the way down, you make it semi-straight. Draw the hoove again, and then repeat the process back up.

Step 14: Draw the tail

Now, draw a curved triangle for the small tail.

Step 15: Draw the antlers

For the antlers on the left, start by drawing an “s” shape starting from the head. Then, draw an upside-down “U” shape at the end of the antlers. And then draw another “U” shape at the end of those antlers.

For the right antlers, draw a curved line all the way up until you’re a little bit longer than the left antler, and then draw a “V” to make that antler pointy. Draw another curvy “V” on the other side and then another curvy “V” and finish the antler by connecting it back to the head.

Step 16: Cleaning up the torso lines

Now, erase the oval we used for the torso.

Step 17: Draw the spot patterns

Now draw random spots on the sketch and darken them to give the deer some random spots on its fur.

And that’s it! You have just successfully drawn a deer! Congratulations. Now you can color it in or add more details to make your drawing even better. Have fun and keep practicing!

You can also try drawing other animals like cats, dogs, horses, birds, etc. Good luck and happy drawing!


In conclusion, drawing a deer is not as difficult as it may seem. As long as you follow the step-by-step instructions and practice regularly, you will be able to draw a realistic-looking deer in no time. So grab your pencils and start sketching away! Who knows, maybe one day your drawings will be hung up at an art gallery. Best of luck!

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