How To Draw A Bunny: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide

Do you want to learn how to draw a bunny? It’s easier than you think! In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to create a cute and cuddly bunny. You will need some basic drawing skills, but anyone can do it! Let’s get started.

Drawing Supplies Needed

You will need some basic drawing supplies to get started. You will need a pencil(If you don’t have one, here’s a list of the best drawing pencils you can buy), an eraser, and some paper. If you want to color the bunny, you can use plain colored pencils.

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How To Draw A Bunny

Here’s how to draw a simple bunny step-by-step:

Step 1: Draw a circle

Draw a circle.

Draw a skewered circle

Step 2: Draw the body

Draw another skewered oval, but instead of making the edge round towards the end, make it sharp.

Step 3: Draw the hind leg

Drawing the hind leg

Next, we draw a circle towards the bottom, within that skewered oval we drew.

Step 4: Draw the feet

Draw the feet.

Now draw 3 pill-shaped ovals for the feet. For the two on the left, make them close together.

Step 5: Draw the ears

Draw the ears.

Starting from the top of the head, draw two elongated circles at the top, close together.

Step 6: Link together everything

Link everything together.

Starting from the back of the head, draw a curved line linking the bunny’s body to the head. After that, draw a curved line starting from the chin area down to the two feet you drew earlier.

Do the same for the back foot. Draw a curved line linking the back foot to the oval you drew earlier.

Step 7: Draw the mid stomach

Now draw the mid stomach.

Sketch a line in the middle between the back feet and the two feet in the front. This will be the stomach. Above that to the upper left, draw a line for the arm joint.

Step 8: Draw the eye

Draw two curved lines for the eye.

Now, draw a skewered circle for the eye. Start by drawing a curved line at the top, and a half circle at the bottom.

Step 9: Detail the eye

Draw eye details.

Now add a curved line on top of the eye for the eye socket and two lines for the lacrimal caruncle, and another line below the eye.

Step 10: Draw the shape of the face

Draw the shape of the face.

To the left of the eye, draw a half-diamond shape at the inner edge of the circle, about eye level with the bunny. This is the nose bridge.

Step 11: Draw the mouth

Draw an M for the mouth.

Draw an “M” at the outer area of the circle for the mouth.

Step 12: Draw the nose

Draw the nose.

Now, draw the nose. Curved at the top and straight corner going down.

Step 13: Draw the inner ear

Draw the inner ear. Two curved lines.

Draw two “C” shapes within the elongated circle you drew earlier.

Step 14: Cleanup the head

Erase part of the oval you drew for the head initially.

Erase part of the oval for the top of the head where the ears are. After that, erase the outer oval line outside the lines you drew for the nose bridge. Erase the inner oval line where the “M” is, but leave the right area intact for the lip below the nose.

Step 15: Cleanup the body

Erase the ovals used for the body and legs.

Erase the ovals used for the body and legs. make sure to leave half a circle for the hind leg.

Step 16: Draw the paws

Draw lines on each foreleg and hind leg for paws.

Draw lines on each foreleg and the hind leg for the paws.

Step 17: Darken the eye

Now darken the eye.

Now darken the eye.

Step 18: Add highlights to the eye

Add highlights to the eye. Two highlights will do.

Now add highlights to the eye! Two highlights will do.

Step 20: Draw whiskers

Draw the whiskers.

Draw curved lines coming out of the face.

Step 21: Draw shadows

Now draw the shadows. use cross-hatching for areas that are darker than usual.

Draw shadows in the ear, right side of the face, between the legs, and on the back of the bunny. Do cross-hatching on areas that should be darker, like on the very back of the bunny. Press lightly as it’ll be hard to fix mistakes if you draw too hard. Consider using a tablet as it’s easier to erase mistakes. Here’s a list of the best cheap tablets for you.

Step 22: Add furry outline

Erase part of the chest and hind leg and draw triangle curved peaks for fur.

Erase part of the chest and hind leg and start drawing curved “peaks” for the fur outline. make them fluffy!

And that’s it for this drawing tutorial! You drew a simple bunny! Feel free to draw some more complicated ones by adding more details.


That’s how easy it is to draw a bunny! Now you can show off your bunny drawing skills to the world. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep on drawing and you’ll be creating more complicated bunnies in no time. Enjoy!

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