When I was child I always had an entrepreneurship mindset. I was always looking for ways to make money, whether that was selling lemonade or some fancy rocks. When I reached my teenage years I started to learn how to draw anime. I became so good at it over the years that I worked professionally in that field. I drew freelance for myself and for independent videogame publishers and comic book companies.

I’ve always had dreams of starting my own business and working for myself. in 2013 I hired a dog pooper scooper to pickup the poop from my yard..and that’s when it hit me. I can do this job, and do it better and charge cheaper than the competition. So with the help of my twin brother, we launched our own pooper scooper business. Along the way I learned how to leverage my skills of illustration and graphic design to build my own logo, the website, flyers, etc. We were the only ones in town that looked professional and it paid off.

From beginning to end, this was a business that grew exponentially. I also started I think 3 other businesses on the side as well. I tried Amazon FBA(which failed), I tried food delivery(failed), and I tried cleaning trash cans which was a mild success. last year I decided to start a videography business. I figured all of the skills I learned starting up businesses and succeeding with some, could definitely launch this business. I spent a good amount of money on equipment and courses, so I know what works and what doesn’t. Videography is like art, if you keep doing it you will get better.

With that said, my main passion has always been art. It’s where I have the most experience and It’s the only thing I’m very passionate about. I hope you enjoy the content on my blog. From how-to posts, to product reviews, we will get started drawing together and finding out your strengths and weaknesses.

I have a passion for helping others succeed. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or just starting out in the business world – this blog will help your skillset and provide knowledge on how to achieve success!

– Timothy